What You Can Learn From Visiting Open HousesVisiting real estate open houses can be useful to homeowners for a number of reasons, even if they are not thinking of selling their own home in the near future.

Here are three reasons why visiting open houses can keep you abreast of what is going on in the housing market in your neighborhood – or even outside of it.

1.  The Current Value of Your Home

More and more people are becoming actively interested in how much their home is worth. This is connected with recent and current financial fluctuations, and also with the availability of financial and real estate information in the computer age. People are not only becoming more aware of finance and the value of their assets, but also in how to increase that value.

By visiting open houses, you can check out the selling price asked for homes in your neighborhood that relate closely to your own home in size and amenities. By comparing their homes with yours, you will be able to estimate the current worth of your investment. That information could be useful to you in a number of ways, such as how much of a second mortgage you can get, or how much of a secured loan you can get for that cabin cruiser you have your eyes on.

2.  Current Decorative Trends and Contractors

Perhaps you are considering redesigning your home, or even changing the décor in just one room. It is much easier do this if you can find out what others are doing in homes similar to yours in dimensions and design.

By visiting real estate open houses for sale in your area that are close to yours in size and design – perhaps even identical – you can get seem great home décor and furnishing ideas. Not only that, but the agent selling the house might give you details of the contractors that carried out the work- or the current owners might want to boast about their beautiful room and who designed and decorated it.

3.  Get Home Staging Ideas

Maybe you are considering selling your own home. You can find out how others are staging their homes for sale, even if they are of a different style and in a different neighborhood. It’s one thing getting such ideas online, but something else entirely seeing them applied in practice.

You can assess the WOW! factor of any home staging work carried out, and establish whether or not that would help you get a good price for your own home. What did they do to their front garden, their doors, windows and external furniture and fittings? A free look costs nothing but your traveling costs, and can add thousands to your selling price.


Real estate open houses offer several benefits to homeowners, even if they are not currently considering selling. You can get an indication of the current commercial value of your own home, you can check up on how others are decorating theirs, and more importantly if you are selling shortly, you can check up on the staging that others are using.