Office Furniture BasicsA small home office need not necessarily be furnished with small office furniture. When choosing furniture when space is limited, you should first make a list of the essential items you must have, then a list of what it would be good to be able to accommodate. Keep in mind that most home offices in the USA are small rooms, and only the professional home business owners have better.

First check your equipment. Use a laptop rather than a cabinet PC. Laptops are just as powerful as case computers these days, and take up a lot less room.  Even if you prefer a larger monitor, a decent desk should be able to accommodate your laptop and a good-sized monitor. Use a 3-in-1 printer, including a printer, copier and scanner all in the one machine.

When choosing office furniture for a small home office, all you should now require are:

The Small Home Office Desk and Chair

Even a small home office should be able to accommodate a good sized desk. Make sure you have a cupboard and drawers for immediate supplies such as paper and other items. Your desk will accommodate a router and telephone, so you will need only a small table or stand for your printer.

The chair is an essential item of office furniture. Choose a chair that is comfortable to sit in. Swivel chairs are generally best for an office, and they are available in many styles and covers from genuine leather to vinyl and a range of fabrics. If you purchase online, make sure it is adjustable in height and tilt, though it always best to try furniture out before buying it.

Home Office Furniture: Shelving

If you have the space for a bookcase then get one, but if not then use shelving on your walls. Shelves are always handy items of  office funiture, even if your books are limited. They are useful for spare printer paper and ink cartridges, diaries, CD or DVD cases and so on. A rack of shelves makes much better use of space, and enables you to use the height of your home office, not just the floor space.

Integrated Wall Units

Some small home office spaces are ideal for integrated wall units. You can use the full height of the room and all the wall space to incorporate shelving, cupboards, drawers and desk space. The only space you need leave is room for the door to open!  You can find a massive selection of modern wall units online that are suitable for a small home office.  Choosing office  furniture never got easier.

You can select pieces of home office furniture to suit your room dimensions, and mix and match to fit in with your storage needs. There are many collections of home office wall units comprising built-in desks, cupboard and drawer units, display shelving, file cabinets and drawers and printer cabinets.  They all fit together just as you need them.

Choosing office  furniture for a small office is no longer a difficult chore. You can approach it in two ways. Either go for the traditional individual desk and storage units, or take the integrated approach and build up your small home office from the walls outwards and upwards. This will increase the value of your home, though both should enable you to accommodate the equipment you need.